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3 years ago

Abandoned Crookham Court Manor School Escape Game

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Take on a journey inside this abandoned school full of mystery. Find a way to escape and finish the game successfully.

Description of the game:

You are an exchange student from another country. You are taking up law and in your last year of studies. As you arrived in the Crookham Court Manor School, you were surprised to see that it appears to be abandoned.

You double check your documents to see if there has been a mistake. But everything seems to be accurate. It is the same school and address in your papers. But why is it abandoned?

You decided to take a look inside and see the real deal. There, you saw books tossed on the floor, bookshelves toppled and deteriorated facilities. It seems like it has been like this for a long time.

Before you even get out of the building, the bookshelf next to the door toppled, blocking the only entrance! There’s no way out!

Find your way around the abandoned Crookham Court Manor School. Escape at all cost!

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