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3 years ago

Abandoned Cruise Mystery Escape Game

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Abandoned Cruise Mystery Escape is an awesome point and click escape game!

Description of the game:

Abandoned Cruise Mystery Escape is a new point and click escape game developed by Free Room Escape! Cruising in one of these huge ships sure is a delight for everything you need and all of the amenities that are present at home is also present here! Everything was great and smooth until, the captain suddenly announced to brace for impact! You didn’t know why and you’re kind of confused for there is nothing to bump into at sea! There was just this loud bang which tilted the ship and the worst thing is, you were knocked unconscious upon impact! It took a while until you came to, you saw that everything was a mess in the ship and the weird part is, not a human is in sight! Okay, this is really weird but, at least the ship stopped moving! Well, its actually beached in. Find something or someone to help you get off this ship and seek help! Good luck!

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