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3 years ago

Abandoned Factory Escape 10 Game

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Abandoned Factory Escape 10 is an exciting new point and click escape game!

Description of the game:

Abandoned Factory Escape 10 is the tenth sequel point and click escape game developed only by First Escape Games! As a person assigned to survey this abandoned factory every week just to see if there is anything unusual or faulty enough to bring the house down, you always check the place alone and during the wee hours of the afternoon. Today, is the day of the week that your job is on active so, you got to the abandoned factory to check it out. Everything seems to be in-order but, one thing had got you baffled! You can’t seem to find the way-out of this place! Okay, now its getting dangerous! Find your way-out of this place before it gets dark and hurry before your boss finds out about this then you’ll be topic of today’s co-worker bloopers! Good luck!

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