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2 years ago

Abandoned House Escape (8B Games) Game

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Abandoned House Escape is an awesome new point and click house escape game!

Description of the game:

Abandoned House Escape is a daring new point and click house escape game developed by the new 8b Games for an exciting new escape adventure and daring new fun!

Deep in the green forest which lies in the edge of the foot of the mountains, lies a very strange and abandoned wooden house in the middle of it. It’s very weird for a house to be in this remote place but hey, this house survived! But unfortunately, was abandoned in the end.

You entered the house in-order to see if the claims were true about how abandoned the place is. And yes indeed, the place is abandoned but, you discovered something far worst than just being abandoned! You are now trapped in this house and could not get out! Oh that’s a darn shame. But if everything else is not going to plan, you must still find your way out of this place before everything turns pitch-black! Good luck!

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