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2 years ago

Abandoned Ship Treasure Escape Game

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Abandoned Ship Treasure Escape is a daring new point and click boat escape game!

Description of the game:

Abandoned Ship Treasure Escape is an awesome new point and click ship escape game developed by 5n Games for a daring new adventure and fun escape! As a person who lives in this small and solely inhabited island, you came to a conclusion to circle it one day and examine its surroundings. You just came to live in this island for 5 months now doing some isolated research and it seems that there’s nothing in this island but you. Today, was a very weird day for you have found a huge grand ship that has docked in! As you take a look around, you began to notice that the ship is a famous one carrying treasure and gold wherever it goes. Oh my goodness! This could be your lucky day! Now, will you be able to take a look around the ship and see if the rumors were true? Seems pretty abandoned though, but still be very careful and good luck!

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