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4 years ago

Angry Kid Escape Game

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Description of the game:

A kid is trapped inside a room by kidnappers. The kid was only walking on the street going to the park to play there. Then a man approaches her and tried to talk to her. At first the kid ignored the man, but the man uses some delicious treats to persuade the kid. The kid wants to eat more treats and food so the man brings the kid in a house. When they arrive at the house there are two other men waiting for them and they locked the kid in a room and they left the house. There are foods in the house, but the kid wants to escape the room. She can’t open the door and she’s getting angry. The kid needs your help to escape the room. Can you help the angry kid escape? Angry Kid Escape is the latest point and click game from Coolgames 8. Have fun!

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