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2 years ago

Antique Palace Escape Game

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Antique Palace Escape is an exciting new point and click palace escape game!

Description of the game:

Antique Palace Escape is an exciting new point and click palace escape game developed by Avm Games for an awesome new escape adventure and overall daily fun!

Today, you felt like you’re being neglected inside this palace but that’s a good thing however, for you are really looking for a hole in this place so you can escape without the king’s knowing. That guy is a jerk, trapping me inside this old antique house for a couple of months and still, he has done nothing but to let me rot in here.

Now, you must find your way out of here now and nobody should ever see you or you’ll get back in that exact same position you are on in the first place. Will you be able to escape out like a ninja? Good luck!

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