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1 year ago
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Augusta Game

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Augusta is another new point and click state escape game!

Description of the game:

Augusta is another new point and click state escape game brought to you by Hooda Math and Selfdefiant for an awesome new adventure once again through an escape from another state!

Today, you had to a meet-up with your friends at Augusta, Maine. You chit-chatted a bit and talked about past experiences and what not, but all of them had to go back to work that day later so, you decided to just go back home for you got no business in this place anymore.

But at this point, you needed a ride home! And well, you have no idea which bus to take or just hitch-hike or something. Now, will you be able to find a means to get yourself out of this state? Good luck and if you want to escape from other states, try escaping from Madison, Wisconsin or, Indianapolis! Take your pick!

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