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2 years ago

Barrel House Game

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Barrel House is an exciting new point and click house escape game!

Description of the game:

Barrel House is a daring new point and click house escape game developed by Avm Games for an exciting escape experience and overall daily fun!

You went to the mystical forest today in-order to find something like an old palace deep in the heart of it. But, you found something very different which got your curious side. You found a barrel-shaped house which was funny looking to the point you entered it cautiously. But that cautiousness is not gonna help after what happens next!

The door behind you shut suddenly! Trapping you inside the house instantly! My goodness gracious! What just happened!? Well, doesn’t it look clear, you are now trapped inside this funny-looking house and you can’t even get out. Okay, now is the time to make your escape now! Find something that can help you escape or you’ll become one in the barrel forever! Good luck!

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