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2 years ago

Bismarck Game

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Bismarck is an exciting new point and click state escape game!

Description of the game:

Bismarck is an exciting point and click state escape game developed by Selfdefiant, and published by Hooda Math! Enjoy escape players, for this game here is gonna be a mind-boggling one.

Mark was invited today at Bismarck, North Dakota, for a family reunion there. This was planned a few years ago and now, it is actually happening. Mark came to Bismarck as soon as he could and from that moment, it was all a blast talking with family members and some you haven’t even met yet.

The day after the reunion came and Mark decided to leave for he had important business to attend to back home. Everything was pretty smooth until, he realized he doesn’t have a ride back home! He was to shy to ask other family members for a ride so, escape players, Mark needs your help to escape out of Bismarck, are you all up for this? If so, then play the game and let’s test your skills! Remember, this ain’t an escape room, but a state escape. Good luck.

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