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2 years ago

Brain Stealer Game

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Description of the game:

Brain Stealer is an amazing online point ‘n click escape/adventure game where you need to find evidences! Developed only by Hidden Key Games and Mouse City for your everyday fun and awesome overall excitement! The Brain Stealer is a type of a highly intellectual monster that seeks out the brains of its victims as well as body parts to make his physique faster and stronger! At least that’s what the chief said! The Brain Stealer is none other than the organization’s most brilliant scientist who tested the experiment on himself! Thus, turning him into a brain beast-like creature! He has killed a lot now, along with two of our finest scientist tasked to cure him but ate them instead! Now, it’s your mission to gather as much information on this creature’s whereabouts so that HQ will have a way to attack him! Can you succeed in this daring mission!? Good luck!

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