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4 years ago

Buji Island House Escape Game

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Description of the game:

You won a contest in your city. The prize was a trip for two to Buji Island. You went to the island with your brother because he was a fan of travel and adventure, too. First thing that the two of you did was to explore the place. You went separate ways because apparently, he went to the side of the island where all the women were. But you, you went farther on the island. You then were on the highest point of Buji Island. It’s where you can see the whole resort clearly. You can even see your brother making eyes with another girl. Then, you saw a hut that seemed to be abandoned. You went inside to see what’s the mystery behind. The moment you entered the hut, the door automatically closed shut. You panicked and screamed at the top of your lungs. But no one can hear you so you can only depend on no one but yourself. Escape the hut, and hurry!

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