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2 years ago

Can You Escape The Desert Game

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Can You Escape The Desert is a new point and click desert rescue escape game!

Description of the game:

Can You Escape The Desert is an awesome new point and click desert escape game developed by 5n Games for a daring rescue attempt and your overall daily fun!

Today, you were tasked to keep an eye of the most notorious bandits in the desert. You’re currently behind them at a distance watching their every move without them knowing. At some point in the journey, they came across a man who was just passing-by. Everyone stopped walking and looks like they’re having a conversation or something. At a certain point, you were amazed as to what you saw! They attacked the guy and kidnapped him! Taking everything the man owns with them! Those rotten good for nothings. Well, you can’t actually take them down for you’re not in an advantage so, you just followed them until, they have arrived at their camp!  Oh wow! This is a great scoop but, the poor man needs help and you’re the only one who is a witness to all of this.

Will you ever help the guy and escape out alive? If so try it as quietly as possible, you don’t want to be caught or something like that. Good luck!

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