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2 years ago

Can You Escape Farmhouse Game

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Can You Escape Farmhouse is the newest point and click farm escape game!

Description of the game:

Can You Escape Farmhouse is an awesome new point and click farmhouse escape game developed by 5n Games for that daily dose of fun and absolute daring excitement! Working in the city sure gives you a tough time mostly when you’re going late from work and have to prepare for tomorrow’s onslaught! You realized somehow that you wanted to take a break for a bit and spend time at the farmhouse which you resided when you were just a kid! Everything was well and so are you especially, the breeze was calm and refreshing but sadly, you have to get back to the city for you have work tomorrow and the sun is only a few hours before setting so, you packed-up and get ready to leave but, you realized something wrong! All of the doors and the gate have been mysteriously locked down! What? And to think the caretaker did not come to work today and it’s quite impossible that he was the one who locked this place down! Anyways, you must find another way out before it goes completely pitch black around here! Good luck! Play similar games like Escape Game Farmland, Escape Game The Farmhouse, and The Farm for added fun excitement!

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