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2 years ago

Car Workshop Escape Game

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Car Workshop Escape is an exciting new point and click car service center escape game!

Description of the game:

Care to try this new game right here? Car Workshop Escape is an exciting new point and click car workshop escape game given-off by Online Gamez World for another dose of escape adventure here!

Modern stuff has definitely made your car workshop famous, you saw this place built from the ground and up. Now, it has machinery that can make labor here much easier. As an old person now, you seldom come in your shop. But today as you come in however, you discovered you are in for some trouble here!

The doors and roll-ups have mysteriously been locked! What in the world? You just came in here wide-open and when you woke-up, you found the shop closed with you in it! Okay, as the owner of the shop, you might as well know which to pass here or you might have a secret passage or something. But if you can’t remember where it is, you must your logic then, together with the items you will find in your shop in-order to escape. Can you do all these no problem? Good luck then!

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