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4 years ago

Castle War 3 Game

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There is a peaceful kingdom that is feared by their neighboring kingdoms. Almost a decade ago since the last time the kingdom went into war and every war they fought they always victorious. Both the king and queen are great leaders and all the people in the kingdom love the king and queen. Also the neighboring kingdoms have a respect to the king and queen. A blessing came from heaven was given to the king and queen when the queen gave birth to a very beautiful princess. 5 years later the entire kingdom is celebrating the 5th birthday of the little princess. While they are having fun a monster suddenly appeared and it kidnapped the little princess and flew away. The king wants to save the little princess, but his mighty sword is missing. That sword can slay a monster in one swing. The king needs your help in finding his missing sword. Can you find it? Castle War 3 is the latest point and click adventure game released by Games 2 Jolly. Have fun and enjoy!

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