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2 years ago

Cat Brick Escape Game

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Cat Brick Escape is an exciting new point and click pet rescue escape game!

Description of the game:

Cat Brick Escape is an awesome new point and click pet rescue escape game developed by Mirchigames for an exciting new escape adventure and fun rescue attempt!

You just found out today that your cat have gone missing. Where did that curious thing went to now? After a bit of searching, you finally confirmed where your cat is currently.

You found him inside of a stone-brick house where it is trapped inside a cage that is built within it! What? Who could have done such a thing!? Who knew that cat was inside this red as autumn house, and if you hadn’t search for it, you wouldn’t have found your cat ever!

Now, you must try and break him free so that when the perpetrator arrives, we’ll know for sure what is his true identity. Good luck!

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