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2 years ago

Cat Rescue Game

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Cat Rescue is a daring new point and click rescue escape game!

Description of the game:

Cat Rescue is a daring new point and click pet rescue escape game developed by Avm Games for an awesome new escape adventure and an awesome rescue attempt!

One day, your pet cat had gone missing and that thing never really came back for lunch and now, it’s almost dinner and the cat is nowhere in sight! You are getting worried, after that last rescue you did made you all concern of what might happen.

As you search for your cat, you heard a meow from the neighbor’s house! There was nobody at home, and when you peeped in one of the windows, you were amazed as to what you had found! You found your cat in a cage inside the neighbors house! What? Why is that cat there? And why did the neighbors have her? Well, it seems you are going to go at it again! Rescue your pet cat from that cage and do it quickly, for this will be proof enough to prove your neighbor as a cat-napper! Good luck!

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