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5 months ago

Charming Kid Escape Game

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Charming Kid Escape is a darimg point and click indoor rescue escape game!

Description of the game:

Charming Kid Escape is a daring point and click indoor rescue escape game developed by 8b Games for more fun adventures right-here with us daily.

There was a boy who lives next from your house and that kid is one helpful soul in the neighborhood. One day however as you come to visit his house, there was a problem there and you had no idea how it came to be.

As you enter the place, you found the door mysteriously opened but nobody was home. That was very strange, so you came to look around the place and found that the helpful boy is actually trapped in one of the rooms there! Escape players, looks like somebody needs help here, will you be there and see if you can? Good luck then everyone, enjoy with the challenge.

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