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3 years ago

Charming Lawn Escape Game

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Feast your eyes with the beautiful landscape in this point and click game set in a charming lawn.

Description of the game:

Charming Lawn Escape is a new point and click escape game developed only by Eight Games!

You are botanist for over a decade now. You love to study about plants. In fact, you have a beautiful garden filled with different types of plants and a charming lawn that matches.

One day, as you are tending the plants, you noticed a strange looking flower blossomed in the lawn. You haven’t seen anything like that before. Much to your surprise, it even bloomed in your lawn.

You decided to take a closer look of the said flower. As soon as you draw your face near, a poisonous insect came out and started chasing you. You know this insect can be lethal based on the book you have read before.

You must find a way to escape the lawn and avoid the poisonous insect.

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