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1 year ago

Christmas Cake (Wow Escape) Game

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Christmas Cake (Wow Escape) is an exciting point and click icy wilderness escape game!

Description of the game:

Try this game here escape players, see if your skills and logic are enough for this one! Christmas Cake is an exciting point and click icy wilderness escape game developed by Wow Escape for another dose of fun and escape adventure this Christmas.

This Christmas season, you planned to take this occasion to new heights! You went to the wilderness but not just any normal wilderness, it was a Christmas cake wilderness!

It was quite a weird place, but for the sake of thrill, you took the adventure there. It was all good at first but somehow, you got lost and it’s pretty inconvenient now, it can even be deadly! Okay escape players, try your best to escape out of this place now, be on the situation and have fun trying your best to escape. Are you ready now? Good luck.

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