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2 years ago

Colony Escape Game

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Colony Escape is an awesome new point and click village escape game!

Description of the game:

Colony Escape is a daring new point and click village escape game developed by 8b Games for an exciting fun escape and escape adventure!

You just moved to a new far away neighborhood across the country. It was a great place however, and it feels fresh and brand new compared to your original city life.

At some point in your stay, you looked outside your window and said, “Maybe I can walk by through the neighborhood and familiarize the people and the maze of streets”. And so, you did!

After awhile of walking, you realized that the houses are becoming more different as you go along, and so as the people saying, “Welcome to the colony!” This spooked you a bit to the point you wanted to leave! Find your way back and hurry before anything else happens. Good luck!

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