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2 years ago

Comely Room Escape Game

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Comely Room Escape is an awesome new point and click house escape game!

Description of the game:

Try out this new game everyone! And let’s see if you have the guts to beat this one right here! Comely Room Escape, an awesome new point and click house escape game developed by Wow Escape! Stay with us and we’ll provide more of those fun adventures that you deserve!

A journey alone is the best! And of course, you were enjoying this trip especially for the fact that you’re renting one of the most beautiful rooms in the place. Wow! It looks pretty stunning and well taken care of. But after a while however, you realized that you’re in for some trouble right now!

You could not get out of your room and you’re just asking yourself why was the door locked from the outside? That’s really really strange! And to think that help is not coming after you yelled so much makes the situation pretty hard for the likes of you. Will you be able to get yourself out no matter what it takes though? Good luck!

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