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2 years ago

Creepy Castle Game

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Creepy Castle is an exciting new point and click house escape game!

Description of the game:

Creepy Castle is an awesome new point and click house escape game developed by Mirchigames for an awesome new escape adventure and rescue fun! In the land where peace and prosperity have been in this place for many generations, you have lived and saw no change at all way back when you were just a kid! Today, was a very different day indeed! For a strange gas has swept through the village turning everything including people into ruin! Everything is destroyed and everyone is now gone! But you however, lived and don’t even know why you survived! Well, it is not only you who lived! There was someone who survived didn’t even know how! It was none other than the heir to the throne! The prince himself! He has survived for some reason and needs a lot of help in-order to leave this place! Help the prince and everything that he needs to do! Do so and maybe he can make rise of his kingdom one day! Good luck! Play other Mirchigames developed escape games like Curse Of The Severed Heart and Haunted Cemetery Escape for an added escape fun!

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