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2 years ago

Creepy Scream Asylum Game

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Creepy Scream Asylum is a scary new point and click spooky animal rescue escape game!

Description of the game:

Creepy Scream Asylum is a spooky new point and click animal rescue escape game developed by Mirchigames for a daring adventure and scary fun!

The neighbor’s cat had it once again! She ran and ran everywhere, putting her owner at risk due to her advance age. In their chase, the cat ran into the abandoned haunted asylum and never came back. As the only person your neighbor can count on and of course, you pity her because of her situation, you decided to help out and rescue the cat. Oh man, this is gonna be some adventure!

Find the cat inside the asylum and try to ignore what sounds you will hear. Be careful on this one, for danger is absolutely not far in situations like this. Good luck!


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