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4 years ago

Cubby Room Escape Game

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Description of the game:

Your cousin is renting a small apartment because that is only he can afford for now. He was hired recently in a big company and he is planning to transfer in a bigger apartment when he got his third paycheck. You visit your cousin’s place and you bring food and beer. You talked about life and his job and you had fun last night. You were drunk last night and you spend the night at your cousin’s place. When you woke up your cousin already left the apartment going to his work. You are left alone, you sleep in a Cubby Room. When you tried to go out the room the door is locked. You are now trapped in the Cubby Room. You want to escape the room so you need to look for a way to escape the room. Cubby Room Escape is a latest point and click escape game created by Gamesnovel. Best of Luck!

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