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2 years ago

Cute Elf Rescue Game

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Cute Elf Rescue is an exciting new point and click rescue escape game!

Description of the game:

Cute Elf Rescue is an exciting point and click rescue escape game developed by Games 4 King! Try this new game here and let us all enjoy a dose of fun as well as an overall excitement!

As cute as the local elves are, they are one of the most helpful ones and very eager to work no matter what you put on to them regardless of the size and the speed they should work. They even help in building houses across the town for the needy and also, lends a hand to Santa Claus every once a year. But as you come to pass-by their place however, you saw some trouble that was quite weird especially for the elves.

The elves were all trapped in on of the houses and ain’t that weird? They shouldn’t be all trapped like that. Anyways, you must use your skills and logic on this rescue game, for you’re gonna need it. Good luck!

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