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2 years ago

Cute Girl Play School Game

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Cute Girl Play School is an exciting new play school escape game!

Description of the game:

Cute Girl Play School is the newest point and click play school escape game developed by Games 2 Rule for an exciting escape adventure and rescue attempt fun! Closing time for everyone! Well, just for the play school. It’s getting later in the day so, the play school closed at the right and expected time. Everything is set and all of the thing have been finalized and so the school closes. At some point in time, a little girl went out of the restroom and found herself alone and worried! What? And you thought there was nobody here anymore!? As a spirit living in the play school, you must try and help this little angel by rescuing her out of this mistake. Accompany her as you do this for this is an innocent girl, you don’t want her alone and in trauma right? Good luck.

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