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2 years ago

Destiny Forest Game

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Destiny Forest is an exciting new point and click spooke wilderness escape game!

Description of the game:

Wanna try this new game here for fun and escape adventure? Destiny Forest is an exciting new point and click spooky wilderness escape game produced by Mirchigames! Ready yourself now, as we go escape through a forest filled with nasty things!

There’s trouble in the forest right now, and it mostly focuses on you! You were trying to pick mushrooms at night which is a pretty bad idea and it was! Only it was unexpected that is. You have lost your way out from this place and from then, there were also creepy creatures that rose from the dead and are all out to get you!

You have no idea what just happened but, you have a hunch that this is the work of a necromancer, they are now seeking vengeance to the people of the village! We have to get back now! Find your way out of here by finding hidden passages and clues. Will you ever make it out of the forest before it is all too late? Good luck then!

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