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2 years ago

Doctor Maria Escape Game

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Doctor Maria Escape is a daring new point and click indoor escape game!

Description of the game:

Come on over, and try this exciting game called Doctor Maria Escape! Its a daring point and click indoor escape game developed by Zoo Zoo Games! Pack your gear for we are going-on an escape adventure here!

Doctor Maria just got a new luxurious room for the appointment is scheduled today. She has recently uncovered a new type of drug that can reverse cancer altogether, she also plans to sell it on a pretty low cost and this specific appointment is gonna make this happen. But as soon as news got to the public, a few drug pirates have heard this request and devised a plan on doctor Maria herself.

They actually got to doctor Maria’s place and locked it jammed so she can’t leave. Oh no! Without her aiding this appointment, the agreement won’t be passed and those who sell it on a high rate will get away with it. Okay then, play as doctor Maria as she escapes out of her own room before she is too late for everything! Good luck and have fun as well.


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