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2 years ago

Druid Forest Escape Game

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Druid Forest Escape is an exciting new point and click forest escape game!

Description of the game:

Druid Forest Escape is a daring new point and click forest escape game developed by 365 Escape for an awesome new adventure and mystery escape!

One day, you were strolling around the forest of mystery just to feel the presence of nature and to hear the birds from a distance. This is a really a good place to take a seat and read a good book. But anyways, it’s late in the afternoon and dusk will be on soon so, you needed to get back home and do this tomorrow.

As you try and get back home, you found something very unusual you had never seen before! It was an old medieval house which looks pretty abandoned. Well, at least not in awhile actually, for there are things inside that have signs of recently touched. Due to your meddling in somebody’s home, the curse activated and locked you inside! Gives no chance to escape. Oh my, wait, this is a druids place. You knew because of the things familiar to you. The only way to escape a Druid’s home is to find the talisman inside the house and use it to escape. You must do this fast for the strategy only lasts after dusk! Good luck!

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