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2 years ago

Easter Green Room Escape Game

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Easter Green Room Escape is an exciting room escape game!

Description of the game:

Easter Green Room Escape is an exciting new point and click room escape game developed by the new 8b Games for an awesome new escape fun and adventure!

The Easter celebration is about to commence and most of your family and friends are all waiting for you downstairs at the lobby in-order to push this celebration through. This time, Easter will be a blast!

Now, as you finished preparing, you went to the door and discovered something weird. The door would not open no matter what you do and try! Well, this ain’t gonna happen. And to think that your acquaintances are all waiting makes you even more nervous!

You must find a way to escape out of your cute little room before things go way out of your control and you go from bad to screwed! Good luck!


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