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3 years ago

Egyptian Museum Game

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Egyptian Museum is an exciting point and click escape game!

Description of the game:

Egyptian Museum is the newest but ancient point and click escape game developed only by 365 Escape! As a person who admires the ways of ancient Egypt, you visit the places where this once great city left after it crumbled. But now, most of the artifacts from Egypt are brought in your local museum which benefits you a lot! Now, you took a visit to the Egyptian museum and its absolutely fascinating! It was all good when you realized that the people are getting little in numbers which gave you a weird feeling for it was crowded earlier! Now, its like a ghost town, or a ghost museum! In this situation, you decided to leave! But to your surprise, the doors were also locked! What kind of prank is this!? Maybe this is some kind of ancient Egyptian curse others would talk about! Find your way out of here and fast for you don’t know what might happen next! Good luck!

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