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3 years ago

Escape From Bell Cave Game Game

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Description of the game:

Escape From Bell Cave Game is a brand new and exciting point and click escape game developed by Eight Games.  There was a man trap inside the Bell Cave, he was there as a tourist and he wants to see this kind of masterpiece. This cave was use before as a secret church by the rebels, since they cannot go to town to celebrate masses because theres a lot of soldiers guarding the town. So they build a church inside the cave, for them to hear a mass. When this man went inside the cave he saw a big bell, and quickly went to it he don’t know that its almost collapsing because the place was to old. When he try to climb the ladder to have an closer look on that bell, the place was collaps and he was trap inside. Find the clues and use the hints and solve the puzzles for you to help this man escpae from that place. Good Luck!

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