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2 years ago

Escape Citadel Peel Game

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Escape Citadel Peel is an exciting new point and click escape game!

Description of the game:

Escape Citadel Peel is an awesome new point and click escape game developed only by Ajaz Games for your overall fun and daily excitement through escape games! For your love of ancient structures, you always go on a trip into places where kingdoms once stood glorious and awesome! But now it became a tourist spot! Today, you came to visit a place called Citadel Peel! This place was very grande and majestic but now, you will find it as a historical spot today! As you ventured in further and further into the citadel, you realized that as you go deeper, the harder it is to get out! Until such time there’s totally no way-out! Okay, now this isn’t part of my hobby! Find your way out of this place before it closes down or you’ll never get out of this place ever! Good luck!

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