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2 years ago

Escape Elite Car Theft Game

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Escape Elite Car Theft is an awesome new point and click car theft escape game!

Description of the game:

Escape Elite Car Theft is an exciting new point and click car retrieval escape game developed by Yolk Games for a daring new mission and escape fun! You have gathered a lot of cars in the past and have stolen them from various people you don’t even know. You were the ultimate car thief from before, and now, the police had finally caught up to you and held you under their custody! At some point under the police’s questioning, they asked you if you ever wanted to lower down the charges filed against you. But on one condition, there is another auto thief that’s even bigger than you! He stole a very technologically capable car which he stored in his own showroom’s warehouse and kept it there for safekeeping. The police asked you to steal this techno car and as a price, your charges would mellow down. Will you accept this mission? Or rot in jail for a long time? Good luck.

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