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3 years ago

Escape From Art Room Game

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Escape From Art Room is an excellent point and click escape game!

Description of the game:

Escape From Art Room is a new point and click escape game developed only by Toll Free Games! Art is a pretty good inspiration for people who would like to express their feelings in a none verbal way and so, as an artist this is where you started and got your first inspiration. The Art room in the National Museum stock room! You were not just an artist, you were also a stock room supervising personnel. And so you still loved this job after so long of working here. But one night something weird just happened! As everybody went home, you were the only one whose left in the office and somehow you heard something in the Art room itself so, you went to check it out! After confirming there was nothing there, you decided to get out but in a sudden burst of energy, the door suddenly jammed shut and couldn’t be opened! Now, whats going on around here! You have no clue but one thing is certain, you must get out of here! Use your skills and all you know to escape from here and please, as a supervisor, you are not obliged to break anything in here! Good luck!

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