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3 years ago

Escape From Atlantis The Palm Game

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Escape From Atlantis The Palm, is a deep-water point and play game.

Description of the game:

Escape From Atlantis The Palm is a new point and click escape game developed only by Eight Games! You are on a boat ride, on board a high class ship, full  of rich entrepreneurs and celebrities. The food is great, the music is fantastic, the ride is a breeze. Near the border of the ship, you gaze at the deep dark-blue ocean, and a whispering ominous voice calls out to you. You spot a beautiful woman fish-like creature floating beneath the bumper of the ship. You are drawn to her beauty, and unknowingly, dragged down to the cold and dark abyss of the open ocean. As you open your eyes, you awake to see bright lights around you, underwater. You soon realize you are in the heart of the lost city, Atlantis. Explore the vast city, the place where explorers would sell there souls to explore for. Yet, you realize, that you are running out of time, for the oxygen bubble that the mermaid gave you, is quickly dispersing. Find a way to escape the Lost City.

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