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2 years ago

Escape From Eatery Game

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Escape From Eatery is a daring new point and click restaurant escape game!

Description of the game:

Escape From Eatery is an exciting new point and click restaurant escape game developed by Best Escape Games for an awesome new escape adventure and a daring escape attempt!

Mick is a rich businessman who has a habit of treating himself and sometimes his family for a fine dine every weekend. The chops would always be costly, but for him, it ain’t a problem.

Today, Mick came to a new restaurant alone and ordered the most expensive dish they have. He go it, and finished it all. Wow! I’m stuffed! Well, it’s time for the bill. At the time he was about to pay, he discovered something shocking! He lost his wallet! And when he explained it to the manager, he just got angry and held Mick inside a hotel room until he calls the cops! Oh man, this is bad. Play Mick as you try and escape out of this hip place and also, reclaim all things they took from you. Would you be successful on this escape? Good luck!

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