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2 years ago

Escape From Wan House Game

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Escape From Wan House is a daring new point and click house escape game!

Description of the game:

Escape From Wan House is a daring new point and click house escape game developed by Best Escape Games! Have fun, as you retrieve something in-order to escape from the house!

Tom and his friends planned to visit their friend’s engagement in Los Angeles. So, they booked a flight there as soon as they could. The morning of the flight came, and you got straight to the airport so you won’t be late. But some point however, the worst nightmare of every traveler has been realized by you! For you have seem to have left your passport back at home! So you swoop down to the house and got your card to open the door. Since it was a WAN house, you needed a key card to enter and get out.

You could not find your passport whatsoever, until a call came that your friends have your passport inside your check-in bag! What? Who would do that!? As you attempted to take your leave again, another worst nightmare has happened! You left your key card outside and the door is freaking lock! Oh my, this day couldn’t get possibly even worst! Now, there’s only one way to get out of here, and that is to find the spare key card which is somewhere in the house. Would you be able to find it though, so you can escape the house before boarding? Good luck!

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