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3 years ago

Escape Game The Farmhouse Game

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Escape Game The Farmhouse is an exciting point and click escape game!

Description of the game:

Escape Game the Farmhouse is a new escape game developed only by 5n Games! As a consumer who knows good quality and freshness, you visit to your good friend and his farm to buy some fresh produce. But, as you got to his place, you realized that everything was locked down and you don’t know why? Usually its open all of the time but this time its different so, you take a look around and found him in his farm house, trapped and couldn’t get out! As the only person who came to the farm, you are obliged to help the farmer as a manner for being a good friend to you! Find a way to help the farmer and get him out of here! Do it fast for it’s almost getting dark and the farmer needs to take the animals in, for if he don’t, then the wolves would have a great big feast tonight! Good luck!

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