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2 years ago

Escape From Phenomenal House Game

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Escape From Phenomenal House is a daring new point and click house escape game!

Description of the game:

Escape From Phenomenal House is a daring new point and click house escape game developed by Best Escape Games for an exciting escape from this old man’s phenomenal house quickly!

As a guy who loves journeying to other places, you got so excited after your uncle told you about a job opening at the postal office! It’s a job for a mailman, but hey! At least you are to travel that way for free!

Just a week on the job and you are starting to get the hang of it. Except one day, you got a mail to deliver at the trendiest house in all of the area! Well, it got you a little nervy, for the lone old man that lives there is absolutely grouchy! And the fact that you don’t wanna be scolded today makes you think twice. You’ve got a job to do anyways so, go!

You rang the bell at his house but there was no answer, but, you found him at his backyard tiling. So, you got to him through his backyard and deliver the mail, but you found him nowhere again! What? Suddenly, somebody pushed you inside the house and began locking the doors! It was the old man! Oh gosh! You tried to explain everything but he would not listen! Now, you are trapped in here with all of your mail. Okay, this has gone too far even for a grouchy man like him. You must find something in-order to spark your escape from this house and report the guy to the authorities. Good luck!

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