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2 years ago

Escape Salem Game

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Escape Salem is an exciting new point and click forest escape game!

Description of the game:

Escape Salem is an exciting new point and click forest escape game brought to you by Hooda Math and Selfdefiant for a daring new wilderness adventure and daily fun escape!

You went a long way through Topeka and as far as Juneau in your journey. And today, you are now home-bound but have to pass through different wildernesses just to open your for home.

You are currently at Salem, Oregon and it’s the weekend. Well, you’re still to far to where you car is parked at the campsite, and the sun already came down an hour ago, this is gonna make the journey slow but hey, you have done it dozens of times.

At some point as you are journeying down, you realized that the terrain has morphed! Okay, now this is strange. And it wasn’t long until you got lost completely! Oh no! Not in this part of the journey. In your worrying, you realized that you can’t come down now, for you just remembered that your grandfather owns an airfield just nearby! Oh yea! But the thing is, you gotta find it first. Find the airfield and do be careful, for things can get a hundred times dangerous in the dark. Good luck!

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