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3 years ago

Escape Studio (Karim Muhtar) Game

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Escape Studio (Karim Muhtar) is a new exciting point and click escape game!

Description of the game:

Escape Studio Is the newest point and click escape game developed only by Karim Muhtar! As an enthusiast for heavy metal music, you were invited personally by the producer of your favorite heavy metal band. You got so excited the you went their as soon as they called! Wow! What could they want from me!? After all, I am just an enthusiast! After you arrived, nobody greeted you because nobody was there! You ventured in up to the studio and yes, there was nobody there! The situation couldn’t get possibly worst until, all the doors slammed and shut permanently! What the what!? After that mysterious occurrence, a voice came and it said, you will be tested according to our needs! You must get out of here before the time runs out or else we will play music so loud it’s enough to kill you! Will you be able to escape with your life and get some freaking answers on what’s going on!? Good luck!

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