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1 year ago
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Escape The Monkey Game

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Escape The Monkey is an exciting new point and click forest escape game!

Description of the game:

Come and click this new escape game right here! Escape The Monkey! It’s an exciting new point and click forest escape game produced by Games Zone 15! Keep escaping now and do not hesitate to stop!

Once there were many foxes in this forest, as well as other peaceful creatures thriving and moving to live. But it all changed when a few monkeys have infested the area and now, there are a lot of them who thrives in this place.

One day, you came to that very forest just to see how the place is doing, but after a while however, you decided to leave for the monkeys are nothing but a bunch of bullies. They want you out of their territory and in doing so, they throw stuff at you so you would leave. Okay now, you must find your way out of this place or who knows what they might do to you. Good luck!

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