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4 years ago

Escape from Woodloch Pines Resort Game

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Description of the game:

You are having a trip and you go to the Woodloch Pines Resort to stay there and relax. The room that you are staying is so nice and comfortable. You explore the Woodloch Pines Resort because it is still early and you have so much spare time. The place is so relaxing and the air is so fresh. You got tired on exploring the resort because it is too wide. After having a dinner you went to your room and rested. You woke up early and you wanted to walk again outside and watch the sunrise. But when you tried to open the door it is locked and your key is missing. You can’t get out of your room without the key. Find the key to escape the room. Escape from Woodloch Pines Resort is the latest point and click game developed by Eight Games. Good Luck!

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