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2 years ago

Forest House Escape (8B Games) Game

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Forest House Escape (8B Games) is an exciting new point and click forest escape game!

Description of the game:

Forest House Escape is a daring new point and click forest escape game developed by the new 8b Games for an additional fun and a new escape adventure!

You were sent to the colony today to spend some time training for the summer. It’s kind of like a summer camp but for adults who prefer hardcore military and survival training. Well, at least you got a cute little cabin room with a bunk-buddy.

Today, was a day to check-out the entirety of the camp so, your superiors let you be in wandering off and circling around the camp. At some point however, you got so indulgent of the surrounding forest which unfortunately, got you lost! Oh no, and you don’t even know where to pass or what to do next! Well, there’s only one way to settle this problem, find your way back as best as you can and to the full extent of your knowledge! Do this very carefully, for there are a few danger areas that the scoutmaster specifically stated not to get near into. Good luck!

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