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3 years ago

Forest Man Rescue Game

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Forest Man Rescue is an exciting new point and click forest rescue escape game!

Description of the game:

Forest Man Rescue is an awesome new point and click forest rescue escape game developed by The Escape Games for a daring dose of fun and an absolute rescue fun! As a chief-warden guarding this fortress as ordered by the 1st emperor, you are sworn to keep this place safe and not reveal the secrets behind the four walls of this fortress! One day, you received a report from the surveying corps that one of your men is trapped in a nearby forest after scouring the area for threats! Knowing that this place is currently short on man-power, we need all the help we can get to keep this fortress guarded! So, in-order to get this thing done, you ought to rescue one of your men in the forest! Do so and be very careful, you’re whereabouts are currently being spied on by the enemy! Good luck! Play similar games like Bear Bamboo Escape, Banana Monkey Rescue and Jade Room Escape for added fun and rescue escape adventure!

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