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4 years ago

Formal Room Escape Game

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Description of the game:

You can wake up late today because you don’t have a class and you can play all day today. Your parents went already to their work and you are alone in the house now. You are too lazy to get up on the bed to eat your breakfast. It is already 10 am and you are still lying on your bed. Then you have decided to get up now to eat because you are hungry and you need to eat. You fixed your bed, but when you try to open the door of your room it is locked from the outside. No matter what you do still it won’t open. You are trapped inside your room and you have to escape the room. You are alone in the house and nobody can help you escape the room. Can you manage to escape the room? Formal Room Escape is a latest point and click escape game created by Games 2 Jolly. Have fun and enjoy!

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