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2 years ago

Great Library Escape Game

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Great Library Escape is a an exciting new point and click library escape game!

Description of the game:

Great Library Escape is an exciting new point and click library escape game developed by Wow Escape for an awesome new escape adventure and daily fun!

Today, you came to one of the most peaceful library in the city, you are to do some research about the the forest which is located nearby and all the flowers that reside in it.

It is quite fulfilling when you are doing things you like to do and making progress in the process. But at some point in your study, you noticed something very odd in the surroundings. There was nobody around and it got a lot quiet as you found out then. You were mystified to the point that you tried the door, and to your astonishment, the door is locked! What? Why? How? When? A lot of question popped in your mind, but as a precaution, you must try and find your way out of here before you find out what’s really going on. Good luck!

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